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Time to describe our following investment, through the FinTech EstateGuru! After a hesitant start with this platform, we are liking it more over time. Even with a similar business model to other companies, and a relatively limited website in a first glance, this company offers good returns for real-estate based projects in multiple countries. We started with a small invested amount, but will probably increase it soon to match other FinTech investments.

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EstateGuru +’s

  • Plenty of projects available and they keep bringing in new ones regularly;
  • Interest rates are quite high when compared to other real-estate platforms, often over 10% p.a.;
  • EstateGuru keeps enhancing their website and products. They have recently relaunched their Auto-invest, which I still didn’t test but am keen to soon;
  • Geographic diversification of our real-estate portfolio can also be accomplished, since they offer projects in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Finland;
  • Email communication of this platform is very active, I get a lot of emails from them so if you are keen to hear from your FinTech, they are a good pick;
  • We don’t often include third party recommendations, but this interesting finance portal (in German) brings a longer and very positive experience with EstateGuru;
  • They also have an interesting referral programme, if ever you want to take advantage of it and help us make an extra half percentage point, use this link.


Where this startup could do better


  • Their website – including the logged in portion – is not among the best in class. They are making improvements, which means this is possibly changing. However, especially for my first impression, there is still a lot of room for improvement, for instance the introduction of a search mechanism to find projects with certain criteria;
  • The main differentiator for this platform is its high interest rates. Implicit in this equation is the intrinsic project risk, which of course is difficult for investors to assess. This is something that will only be evaluated over time, but is among the reasons for us to be carefully optimistic about them.
  • Maybe because of a technical glitch, I can’t right now opt out of the regular emails, even though I see the option on the website. This is a simple thing and again easily solvable, but thought I should mention it.




  • Initial investment amount of 300 Euros, allocated to five different projects with 50€-100€ each;
  • Expected interest rates range from 10-11 % p.a.

We’re slowly catching up to all investments made recently, and we plan to speed up the posting to disclose all our portfolio until the Summer. As usual, get in touch with your impressions or ideas!



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