Grupeer – next investment

Continuing to introduce our last investments, this post will introduce Grupeer! With a very simple webpage and interface, this FinTech platform from Latvia also entered our portfolio. By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the last version of our portfolio. We’ve currently updated it and it has plenty of information about all our investments so far. As we keep working simultaneously on expanding the portfolio and reviewing our experiences, the priority remains on testing platforms and extracting the most value from those experiences for you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch at any point.


Grupeer +’s


  • The platform is like previous ones quite simple to start off with, and gives you the choice between choosing projects or auto-invest;
  • Geographic diversification for our portfolio is a highlight. Additionally, to the usual European countries we’re used to, they also include loans in other continents, like in Nigeria and Philippines;
  • Despite a slight glitch explained below, the company’s handling of my request made directly through them was ok. They manage to solve issues once prompted, which is important.


Where this platform could do better


  • Our onboarding process when opening the account could have been quicker and smoother. Both verification and receiving funds took longer than I expected, and before I contacted them directly there was the impression that they regular procedure was not working;
  • Even though I did the simple choice, for an auto-invest portfolio, I didn’t find their customisation options satisfactory. Whereas other platforms really give you plenty of options, the simplicity of this FinTech means you really need to look into the details of your portfolio to make sure you’re happy with it. It took a couple of times checking and adjusting until I got comfortable with my investments with Grupeer.




  • Initial investment amount of 500 Euros, allocated to their regular auto-invest;
  • Expected interest rates range from 10-13 % p.a.

Our plan is to follow soon with more platforms we are testing, keep coming back for more FinTech or get in touch with what you’d like to see here!


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