Good deeds within Finance!? – Yes, donations

Given the seasonal mood, this post shifts slightly from the previous typical FinTech topis right into the sidelines of the financial world, touching something that has increasing meaning to me: donations and the charitable sector in general.

Can you really have a FinTech focus while discussing Charities?

Well, I understand that FinTech and donations do not come across as the most interconnected topics you can find, but hopefully by the end of this post you will at least agree that there is a field where Finance, Technology and Charities can meet and thrive.

Maybe I’ll start with a simple fact, that charities depend on financial donations. Of course, they also need dedication, but let me connect the dots from FinTech to Charities to then move on to how great charitable activities can be. So, if the survival of any charitable project depends on donated funds, it is inevitable that making this donation more efficient (if nothing else) can be within the domain of FinTech if done using technology.

After acknowledging that there is a connection, I want to mention an example of a Charity making donations easier through technology. BetterPlace has the goal of helping other charitable organisations to receive donations online, both through their website but also by providing an integrated donation mask for charities to include on their website. The BetterPlace team here in Düsseldorf is not only helpful to help you discover and understand the platform, but they are also volunteers themselves supporting projects that in turn change the world.

So, does the FinTech focus of this website remain or is there a shift towards donations and changing the world?

Don’t get me wrong, I perfectly understand that a huge majority of the FinTechs will be focused on making money by developing incredible business models. Those projects can count on my interest – and most of the future posts – to see how much they can change the financial landscape. Charities, on the other hand, already start with a “change the world” mentality by focusing on something that does not make money, just for the sake of its honorable purpose.

To be very clear: the main purpose of DS FinTech in general and DS Capital Management GmbH is FinTech business, but I for one am often inspired by – and hence why not learn from and acknowledge it – charitable projects making a difference. There will certainly be some future posts about charities since there is a number of them I’m eager to share with you, but let me stop here and keep the posts within a modest bite-size for now.

Finally, it would be odd to write about Charities without recognising the amazing efforts behind their initiatives. Thank to all of you who have gotten involved with a good cause, either with money or dedicating your time. This is not only a good experience to have for yourself, but also makes you a more interesting person to others.

Wishing all who read this far a great week, and please get in touch if you have any views on this topic or want me to take a look at something FinTech-related you found interesting.

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