Next investment – Kapilendo

Today’s text will be short and straight to the point. The focus will be Kapilendo, which is a crowd-lending platform we mentioned before, but now also disclose that it became the crowd-platform of choice for DS to lend to middle-sized German companies.

One of the surprises I had when researching crowd-lending platforms was that most are exclusively for individual investors. In this sense, at least momentarily, my effort to build a company to invest through FinTech companies seemed counter-productive. Luckily not all Crowd-FinTechs are ignoring the segment of company investors, and today I dive down into more details of what Kapilendo is offering.

Kapilendo’s main selling points

– Interesting companies and projects

– Quality material about the companies, helps investor know where the money is going

– Spectrum from ‘safer’ investments to higher yields

– Communication of the company is – as far as DS and I experienced it – reliable and consistent

– Performance clauses align interests of investors and company beyond non-default


– Projects sell out very quickly, especially the best ones;

– If you go to the platform spontaneously, hardly any available projects open for investment. The recommendation here is to register for their email announcements and you will be notified per email when a project is coming live;

– Impossibility to pool resources with this FinTech, you have to send the funds after choosing the investment on the specified time-frame.

Financials and Conclusion

All things considered, the platform is a great way to gain access to very interesting projects and companies that often are both innovative and have high-growth potential. Also important to go through the financials:

– Tenors are 12 to 60 months;

– Interests range from 2,49% to 11,99%, although the latest projects have been usually around 5-9%;

Well, this is why we are using Kapilendo and so far can recommend it without any restrictions. We will keep an eye out for other platforms and continue to explore the FinTech investment scene. If you have a platform you would like to see tested, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Have a good week!

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