Bundesverband Crowdfunding

As I continue to look for interesting investment opportunities among the new wave of financial services, I stumbled upon one tool that has been significantly helping me find the next investment(s), which I want to briefly introduce today, the Bundesverband Crowdfunding (German association of crowdfunding), and I’ll also mention towards the end of this text another direction I’m taking to accomplish my investment journey.

Research on Crowdfunding

If you have read a few past texts on this website, you probably have come across my most recent favorite investment type for my local currency and market: crowdlending. The biggest problem I faced when scouting, opening accounts – and ultimately deciding which platforms to invest in – was to identify and learn about what each provider actually does. Some of them package lenders and offer investors an aggregated product, others give more or less information about their borrowers, which might be individuals, companies or even directly to projects, for instance in real estate.

A lot of the German platforms (unfortunately for clients like my company) do not take investments from companies using their normal investment process. Also, depending on your budget, most of them have different minimum investment amounts, so you really need to do your research to get to the appropriate one for you. Alternatively, talk to me and I’ll be glad to share my findings so far to help you get the provider you are looking for.

The association for this field, however, has helped me a lot in identifying platforms in the German market, and this is why I wanted to mention how glad I am it exists. Of course, my reasons for liking it might be totally secondary for the organization itself, since it’s stated goal is to be the crowdfunding voice towards regulators. Having said that, if talking to regulators means giving its members visibility and a voice, consumers finding members through the Verband can’t be too far from a desirable outcome. As a small shortcoming, however, is that their website provides little more than the names of each platform, I basically took it from there to do my own research.

Other paths leading to investments

Finally, in order to accomplish my goal of investing ten thousand Euros through different FinTechs, I am also recently resourcing to another direction: looking for relatively well-established new finance providers across Europe. For now, I’ve started looking at the biggest and most developed markets, and even registered in a platform of a neighboring country (details coming soon), but would be great to get recommendation of FinTechs offering investments available to Europeans working initially with Euros.

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