Cross-Border Finance management

In 2016 I have left a secure well-paid job in a bank and decided to venture into the Start-Up world focusing on FinTech. Having moved between different countries over the years, one of the big challenges I faced over the years was to manage the big picture of my assets in general.

Any expat or migrant who claims that their assets abroad are perfectly managed either oversimplifies their management or are simply mistaken. My impression is that even nowadays keeping track of your own international ties is extremely hard, and this surprises me given that most assets can easily be translated into a financial value.

Of course, technology has allowed many of the financial products and services we consume to be managed online, but I am still to find a bank — or any other institution — that can effectively help an international person manage their assets across different countries, taking into account no more than their values over time and of course the respective currency.

This problem is far from impossible to solve, but I for one am still to find it. If you face a similar problem, or know a good way to start facing this kind of issue, get in touch.

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