Which FinTech deserves my Euros? Experimental investing

Investing should be easy and transparent, for everyone. The future of financial services, driven by Fintech, should be inclusive, transparent and community-driven. Those are some of the concepts that inspired me to found my company, which I introduce in this post.

As technology gets progressively incorporated to the financial services we experience daily, both pace and direction of the transformation are arguably determined by capitalist interests of big money or management, rather than by the average clients’ interests. This general problem is exacerbated in markets such as the German one, where irrational risk aversion – different in nature from healthy investment caution – excuse a generally sluggish adoption of new technologies, leading to the country rarely seen as an innovation powerhouse in anything but its industrial sector.

With the objective of promoting change to this status quo, DS capital management plans to publicly discuss it’s investment strategy, foster the sectors it believes in and report regularly on the investment performance. The first round of investment of DS will consist of €10,000 and will be invested through FinTech companies offering something new. We understand the goals of making decent returns and trying new ideas are compatible, and will put our money to the test. Since I’ve been in Germany for over a year studying the local FinTech sector, I hope to have a good number of the main companies already in my radar, but by all means put some more names forward!

Companies like AiX capital, Scalable Capital, Investify, ReaCapital, Auxmoney, Lendico and others will be considered, but the idea is to be as open as possible with the different investment opportunities, discretion will only be exercised on the actual investment decision. I would also welcome general feedback, if you read this far don’t hesitate to let me know what you think.


Val de Souza


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